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This website is not intended to be encyclopaedic in depth. Tai Chi and Tui Na are such rich Arts and will continue to reveal their subtle secrets to you.

It is my hope that you come and try for yourself- we can be great scholars and know much theory but until “we actually taste the tea we will never know its delicious flavour”.

However it you are looking for a bit more information and some inspiration here are links to some of my principle teacher’s websites.


Great Chi Kung course in ten minute chunks, originally broadcast on channel 4. This is what got me started and excited about Chi Kung.

I fondly remember knocking on doors in London’s Chinatown trying to find Master Lam for some personal tuition. I found his clinic above a restaurant and the rest as they say …..

The home of Maria Mercati one of my Tui Na teachers, founder of Bodyharmonics International School of Oriental Massage. An inspiring lady who has taught these healing arts to so many.

This is the website of my principle Tai Chi instructor –  Tai Chi Master and Taoist Lineage Holder, Bruce Frantzis. Have a look around it, read some great stuff on Tai Chi; be inspired!

The Big Book of Tai Chi – Bruce Frantzis , a great overview.

I have been meditating for many years and teach a weekly class at Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Centre.

If you are interested in learning to meditate please check website for details.