About Max

Max is a qualified Energy Arts Instructor teaching Wu Style Tai Chi and various Qigong sets in regular weekly classes and more in depth workshops as well as community work with client groups of differing needs and one to one personal tuition.

He practices tui na massage from his purpose built Home Studio in Prestbury.

And he is a Buddhist meditation teacher at Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Centre.

“My internal arts journey began over 20 years ago and continues through daily practice and regular attendance of classes, retreats,workshops and online tuition with both the my principal teachers and their qualified instructors.

I started in the mid 90’s with the standing qigong taught by Master Lam Kam Chuen.

Then in 2001 my training began in the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form and the qigong sets of the Energy Arts System including Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body , Dragon and Tiger, Heaven and Earth ,Tai Chi Circling Hands and Gods Playing in the Clouds.

Also in 2001 l met my Buddhist teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso through local Kadampa Buddhist classes.

And that same year l attended Tui Na Massage courses with Maria Mercati of the Bodyharmonics School .

I had experienced some of the health benefits of qigong and now my goal now was to share some of this with others through giving massage, and eventually through becoming a tai chi and qigong teacher.

In 2011 after many years of practise and study l realised my goal and qualified as a Wu Syle Tai Chi Instructor with Energy Arts and in Tui Na Massage with Bodyharmonics.

Since then l have been regularly teaching and practicing in Cheltenham.

My hope is that many people will continue to benefit from these amazing healing arts as much as l have.