About Max

Max is a Tai Chi Instructor and Tui Na Massage Practitioner living and working in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He is fully insured and professionally registered with the Acupuncture / Acutherapy Council and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

“My interest in these Healing Arts began in the mid 90s with my own qigong practice. I loved how the exercises made me feel – calm and relaxed yet strong and full of energy.

In 2001 I trained in Tui Na Massage. I had experienced the health benefits of Traditional Chinese Arts for myself and I wanted to share these with others.

I am so happy I found Tui Na, it really is a powerful healing tool and over the years I have helped many people overcome a wide variety of conditions.

It was also at this time that I began learning Wu Style Tai Chi and associated exercises with Energy Arts. I have found the Energy Arts system amazing – a completely integrated set for a lifetime’s discovery and growth.

In 2012, I qualified as a Tai Chi Instructor with Energy Arts and I am now delighted to be able to share these wonderful health giving practices with you in Cheltenham.”