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Whatever our condition, healthy or otherwise we all feel better after a massage. Massage makes us feel good. By relaxing the nervous system, improving circulation, moving the tissues and joints, nourishing our cells and awaking the chi we feel move alive and sparkle with energy.

Tui Na is the massage branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China Tui Na is used where in the West, we may call upon Chiropractors, Osteopaths or Physiotherapists. However it may be more effective than these because as well as working on the tissues and joints it also directly affects the person’s chi.

When the Chi is blocked, pain, immobility and disease occur. Balancing the chi flow with Tui Na may reduce pain, restore mobility and assist healing.

Tui Na uses a wide range of techniques many of them unique, such as gentle Spine Rocking and Chinese Rolling of the tissues.

Tui Na can literally Rock and Roll away the pain!

The Chi Points familiar to us from Acupuncture are Pressed, Kneaded and Rolled with thumbs, elbows, palms and feet – stimulating many more than in an Acupuncture Session, leaving us feeling vibrant with energy.

Other techniques include Massaging with the Feet (Caiqiao Tui Na) and pulsing the joints and spiralling the tissues to directly work with the Chi (Chi Kung Tui Na ).

The client remains fully clothed and may be seated, lie on a couch or a futon on the floor. Depending on your needs techniques are deftly mixed my Max, flowing from one to another for an invigorating but ultimately relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Max has been practising Tui Na for over 20 years. He has trained with some of the best – the Mercati’s at Bodyharmonics School and Dr.Zhao of Caiqiao Tui Na International Therapy Organisation, as well as courses in Chi Kung Tui Na with Bruce Frantzis of Energy Arts. This experience combined with his own daily Tai Chi and Meditation practice make him a sensitive body worker, in whom you can place your trust.